Hey there! I'm Viki Sears. I'm so glad you found me! I know that you have many choices and decisions to make when it comes to finding the right wedding photographer, so thank you so much for taking the time to consider me and reviewing my work.

I've been shooting weddings since 2009, and I absolutely love it. Weddings represent so many elements of what I consider to be the best parts of life:  love, family, friends, and commitment. I also really enjoy the pretty details that come along with weddings too - the florals, gowns, shoes, emotions - such an incredible day in your life that I would be honored to be a part of.

As a photographer, I'm often asked: "What's your style?"  My photography style is romantic, bohemian, colorful, and adventurous, with just a touch of classic. My specialty is capturing raw emotions without having it feel "posed." You have so much to think about during your wedding day, so let me worry about capturing those perfect moments that you feel but can't actually see happening from an outsider's perspective. 

My goal when shooting weddings is to create a romantic, yet timeless look; images that are a true representation of the day, focusing on the relationships, the emotions, and the beauty of the day as a whole. I tend to stay away from "trends" because I want the images I create for you to be relevant not only today, but 50+ years from now.

If you've taken the time to review my work and think you'd like me to be your photographer, please reach out any time and ask whatever questions you may have.

I hope to hear from you soon!